Download HappyCow Find Vegan Food & Vegetarian Restaurants  App Android 2018

Download HappyCow Find Vegan Food & Vegetarian Restaurants App Android 2018

HappyCow Find Vegan Food & Vegetarian Restaurants Detail

What Is HappyCow Find Vegan Food & Vegetarian Restaurants App

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Award winning app covering 180+ countries and online as a free-to-use website since 1999, this vegan food locator is the Play Store’s #1 vegan and vegetarian restaurant guide which has been featured on CNN, New York Times and The Guardian. Search HappyCow to find a local café or restaurant near you or anywhere in the world. Also read over 300,000 reviews for vegan-friendly eateries and health food stores.


★ Search filters by location, vegan, vegetarian, health food stores + more
★ Browse HappyCow to find a top-rated restaurant or cafe
★ Over 70,000 vegan-friendly listings
★ View interactive maps with restaurants and stores
★ Get directions, phone numbers, reviews, website information
★ Content is updated 24/7 by a dedicated team and our 2 million+ monthly visitors
★ Share what you find with your friends
★ Upload photos of your delicious meals
★ Submit reviews and advice for fellow users
★ Language support for Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish

With the FULL / UPGRADED version you also get:
1) SAVE listings to your device for offline viewing or when you don’t have Internet connection. Keep track of the places you’d like to visit by saving to your Trips and Favorites lists.
2) SYNC & Backup your Trips and Favorites lists with your free member account.
3) Filter display of businesses which are currently OPEN NOW only, thus avoid results for businesses that aren’t open at the time you’re hungry.
4) Search by Keyword, i.e. Pizza, Organic, Japanese, Bakery, Mexican, Gluten-Free, Raw, etc… It’s especially useful in big cities where you’ll want to narrow your searches.
5) ALL Reviews. See all of our member reviews, not just the first 3.
6) No Ads.
7) Good Karma for supporting this project and furthering the cause! Be happy with HappyCow.

Find vegan, vegetarian, veg-friendly restaurants plus health food markets and other vegetarian businesses nearby your location while traveling; or enter a location manually. This app provides a list or map of restaurants and stores in 180+ countries. Additionally, find related to veg businesses like a vegan bakery or vegan store, vegetarian B&B, vegan catering, food trucks and farmers market. Featuring 275,000+ reviews by vegetarians and vegans you can trust.



Please contact us before leaving feedback or rating — we’d like to help you.
Most issues resolved by uninstalling, restarting your device, then re-installing.

Questions & feedback- please email: [email protected]

Please consider supporting HappyCow and this project by upgrading to the full version!


Why does HappyCow need all of these permissions?

HappyCow apps use your device location to find restaurants near your current location. We do not store your device location on our servers.

HappyCow apps provide you with a way upload restaurant photos from your existing library on your device. We never access your photos until you choose to view them from within the app.

HappyCow app allows you to take photos of your favorite restaurants, which we encourage you to share with our users. The app stores these photos with your other pictures on your device so you may admire them whenever you please, or upload at a later date. We never access your camera or save photos until you perform those actions from within the app.

We communicate with the HappyCow database to bring you the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the world!

Vegan powered by

– Fix map issue on zoom
– Fix app crashing on venue details for edge cases
– Optimizations

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