Download Field Recorder 8.0 App Android 2018

Download Field Recorder 8.0 App Android 2018

Field Recorder Detail

App Name Field Recorder
Package Name de.pfitzinger.rec
Version 8.0
Rating 4.6 ( 592 )
Requirement Android 2.3.3 and up
Updated 2018-01-15
Installs 10,000 - 50,000

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What Is Field Recorder App

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Unlock the potential of your microphones:Record music events, phone calls, interviews, meetings, bandrehearsals, lectures, voice messages, dictation,eavesdropping…

From high-quality stereo recording to basic wide-band audio.Instantly after recording, send e.g. your interview to yourbroadcasting team, your concert recording to your friends, a voicedictation to your secretary, or add a speech to the archive.

Field Recorder is only available on Google Play!

Turn your Android into a high-quality audio recorder!


Field Recorder provides easy-to-use presets for standard audiorecording tasks. However, it is designed for professional use as itprovides more than 85 options to customize it to the given deviceand situation.

⚫ Built-in and external microphones are supported and also’class-compliant’ USB soundcards with Android 5

⚫ Records and plays mono or stereo wav files

⚫ Supports file overwrite and resume recording

⚫ Convert your recordings to mp3, AAC or FLAC via free helper apps,share or send them

⚫ Up to 90 seconds pre- and 4s post recording. You won’t miss anyimportant stuff even if you are too late at the record button

⚫ Auto start, stop, and continue, depending on loudness. Thecontrol signal can be additionally filtered to optimize it forvoice recording or other sounds

⚫ When recording, automatic stop at 4GB maximum file size and evenseamless restart of a new file is available (activate auto startwith the minimum threshold)

⚫ High-precision stereo audio recording engine with various low-cutfilters, minimum-phase shelving and parametric equalizers, andstereo balance correction e.g. to compensate for flaws of themicrophones or optimize for speech. Also with recording booster,configurable limiters, soft clipping, and high-qualitymonitoring

⚫ Wav player with volume maximizer, silent and audible fast-forwardand fast-rewind, and low-latency random access to any play positionvia progress bar

⚫ Recordings are stored internally or on any chosen SD card.Default is SD card. Recordings are visible to your favoriteplayer

⚫ Almost 10.000 colors available for the metallic-brushed skin.Also, you choose round or rectangular LEDs, left-hand operation,button size, and your favorite color for the display area

First steps and testing

Use the 2 hours refund period to test how audio recording works onyour phone. Touch “Factory” in the display area and you probablyfind a preset in the cloud perfectly adapted to yoursmartphone!

Or try the different input configurations from “In:MicA” to”In:MicE”. If you activate “Monitor”, use headphones to avoid asound feedback loop. Check without creating audio files, just bypressing the pause button which activates the level meters. Thenyou see a date/time string as the potential file name. It iscreated only if you press the record button

⚫ If you modify a preset, its name gets gray in the displayarea
⚫ Playback can amplify quiet recordings by choosing e.g. “Play+20dB” without distortion due to a 2nd limiter. The Monitor switchaffects only recording
⚫ Touch the “time/position/free” label to show the remainingrecording duration
⚫ Touch battery symbol to toggle between battery and CPUusage
⚫ Touch “CLP” to reset red LEDs
⚫ The level meter shows peak amplitudes or the start/stop controlsignal. Touch it to open its configuration menu
⚫ Active auto start overrules pressing the pause button
⚫ The 1.5kHz filter optimizes the auto start/stop control signalfor speech. 750Hz better suppresses disturbing sound with highfrequencies, 3kHz with low frequencies
⚫ Soft Clipping is active above -3dBFS
⚫ Limiting and Soft Clipping work only if Boost is greater than0dB
⚫ “Boost 40dB” or more might produce hardware feedback loop ifpower supply is instable
⚫ Overwrite and Append modify existing recordings (warning can beswitched on/off)
⚫ Activate flight mode to reduce noise floor

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