Download Engineering Unit Converter 6.21 App Android 2018

Download Engineering Unit Converter 6.21 App Android 2018

Engineering Unit Converter Detail

App Name Engineering Unit Converter
Package Name mobile.unitconverter
Version 6.21
Rating 4.2 ( 2,775 )
Size 2.3 MB
Requirement Android 1.6 and up
Updated 2016-11-24
Installs 500,000 - 1,000,000
Category Apps, Education

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What Is Engineering Unit Converter App

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This is a comprehensive engineering unitconverter with an intuitive spinning wheel interface. There is noad, no hidden code, no need for a network connection, and the totalsize is about half a megabyte.

Choose a category such as length, energy, entropy, electriccharge, etc., from a list. The available units appear in twospinning wheels. Spin the wheels to select ‘From Unit’ and ‘ToUnit’. That is it. You can change the input value in the yellowfield, sort units, or use the swap button. Additional info about ameasure is displayed when the help button is pressed.

If you find a particular measure or unit is missing, just writeto us. We will update the converter in no time and dedicate therelease in your honor.

Some of the features of the Converter Plus (an upgrade of thisConverter) includes:

1. Lightweight: It is a very small app (about half a megabyte) withvery little footprint.

2. Does not require access to the net.

3. No advertisement or any other promotion.

4. User input driven: When users asks for a new measure or a newunit, the app is quickly modified.

5. It has a unique spinning wheel design (as far as we know theonly interface of this type). Most users love this (but some donot). It requires minimum number of clicks for a unit to beconverted.

6. Also, while rolling the spinners, users have a better feelfor the available units when compared to a drop down selectionmenu.

7. Although the front page looks cluttered with what seems liketoo many measures, once a particular measure is selected, theinterface becomes more interesting. User can change the measurefrom a selection menu instead of returning to the home page.

8. Various levels of customization: A measure can be added to ordeleted from the favorite tab. Once a measure is declared favorite,units can be sorted alphabetically or by value by selecting sortcommand from the Customize menu. Unwanted units can be deleted bysimply aligning the wheels for the undesired unit and clicking thedelete button. New unit or even new measures can be added.

9. Frequently used top ten measures are dynamically listed inthe Frequent tab.

10. Compound units: Sometime units need to be converted tocompound units, e.g, converting meter to yard, ft, and inches orvice versa. All you need to do for that is select Length, then ‘m’on the left spinner and ‘yd ft in’ on the right. Similarlyconverting ‘seconds’ to ‘hour min sec’ is more meaningful than tohours with many decimal places.

11. The swap button makes it possible to quickly reverse theleft and right units, thus reducing unnecessary spinning.

12. Expression evaluation: Sometimes engineers need to calculatea value before converting units. For example, the floor of a roomis measured as 17 ft by 23 ft and you want to find the area in sq.m. In that case type in 17*23 on the from unit box and click theupdate button.

13. The info button on each unit gives unit specific help, theengineering dimension of the unit, and also displays detailedresults when applicable. For example when calculating mortgageinterest (Interest & Mortgage), the amortization table isdisplayed in the info page.

14. When calculating interest the principal, interest rate, andnumber of years can all be user specified. To avoid complicatedinterface, the three numbers (after variable interest and periodare selected on the spinner) are typed in with white spaceseparating them. To make the input field larger, the phone has tobe simply tilted to landscape mode.

15. The converter goes much beyond traditional engineeringmeasure. Beside mortgage calculation, it can do radix conversion,display physical constant, and UTM (latitude longitude) coordinatesconversion. The latest measure is valuable to mariners (and evenfire fighters).

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