Download Beauty Selfie Plus Facing Camera -Portrait Retouch 2.0 App Android 2018

Download Beauty Selfie Plus Facing Camera -Portrait Retouch 2.0 App Android 2018

Beauty Selfie Plus Facing Camera -Portrait Retouch Detail

What Is Beauty Selfie Plus Facing Camera -Portrait Retouch App

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Strong Front Camera self-timer function,“thesavior of ugly girl” lol! Deep welcomed by female usersfurtherescalation beauty mode, in addition to brighten thecomplexionsmooth skin ‘Sweet’ beauty mode, the new carrying’whitening’ modecan also be achieved ANY LEVEL adjustable beautymodel.

Professional portrait camera app for face makeup, skin retouch,toneenhance, keeping the details and without losing texture!Alloperations made automatically in seconds!!

Portrait Retouching
When retouching portraits, remember above all else that subtletyiskey. When we photograph people, we hope to create a memory,amoment in time, and a glimpse of who they are. Because of this,youwant to avoid overworking the image, but to instead enhance itjustenough so that the subject’s personality and true selfshinethrough. Finding that balance of beautiful retouchingwithoutmaking a person’s skin, eyes, or teeth look fake issomething youcan easily do with Portraiture app. Inside, you’llfind tools toadjust each of these so that your images lookbeautiful andrealistic.

Bring out the Best in Your Portraits
Portraiture eliminates the tedious manual labor of selectivemaskingand pixel-by-pixel treatments to help you achieveexcellence inportrait retouching. It intelligently smoothens andremovesimperfections while preserving skin texture and otherimportantportrait details such as hair, eyebrows, eyelashesetc.

Facial Recognition
Before you can do any portrait retouching, however, you firstneedto hone in on the face or faces you’re going to work on.Ourautomated facial recognition makes step is easy.Portraiturefeatures a powerful masking tool that enables selectivesmootheningonly in the skin tone areas of the image. It helps youquicklydiscover most of the skin tone range of theimageautomatically.

Skin Retouching
Smooth and beautiful skin is something you will likely strive forinmany of your images, and with Perfect Portrait you have thetools tocreate blemish-free portraits very quickly and easily. Thekey withskin retouching is to not overdo the effect so much thatthe skinlooks like plastic, or that freckles are completely gone.(Frecklescan be cute, especially on little kids!) Keeping thattexture in aperson’s face keeps the reality alive while stillshowing eachindividual at his or her best.

▪Facial Recognition
▪Body Thin
▪Sharpen eyes, eyelashes, lips
▪Teeth Whitening
▪Eyes increase
▪Cheek lose weight
▪Wrinkle smoothing
▪Pores Removal
▪Shine removal
▪Reduce shadow
▪Face liquefaction
▪High resolution output (low resolutionforiPhone4/iPhone4s/iPad2)
▪High speed process
▪Awesome artistic effects

Upload to Social Network
With iOS, you can connect directly to your socialnetworkaccounts, allowing you to post and share content fromnearlyanywhere. iOS provides integrated support for:
▪Sina Weibo
▪Tencent Weibo
▪Blush and Mascara

Tips for Selfie:
Pay attention to good lighting. Having a solid light source isanessential part of taking any kind of photograph, and selfies arenodifferent. If you try to take a selfie in a dimly-lit room oronewith harsh fluorescent lighting, it won’t turn out the way youwantit to. Natural light is the most flattering kind, so try totakeyour selfie near a window or outdoors.

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