Download Stories of Prophets in Islam 1.0 App Android 2018

Download Stories of Prophets in Islam 1.0 App Android 2018

Stories of Prophets in Islam Detail

App Name Stories of Prophets in Islam
Package Name qisasanboya.storyofprophets.kisasanbiya
Version 1.0
Rating 4.8 ( 4,951 )
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and up
Updated 2017-05-05
Installs 1,000 - 5,000

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What Is Stories of Prophets in Islam App

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Islamic stories mp3 ( Prophet stories&Tales of the Prophets also called Stories of the Prophets(IbnKathir) ) in Arabic: قصص الانبياء صوت وصورة Qisas al anbiyaAndQisas Sahaba have been described extensively and narrated bytheholy Quran; This led us to create this application ofMuslimprophets stories in islam to know the interests that Allahput inthe Quran to stabilize, strengthen believers, instruct us andgiveus life lessons like the infamous soty of : yusuf & ayub&muhammad saw & yunus.

The stories are taken from ibn kathir’s book and the audiofromtareq suwaidan and nabil al awadi.

A complete application for the whole family mp3 and written:Qisasal anbiyae for children “stories of the prophets for kidsinenglish audio”, qasas ul anbiya in english, kisas al anbiyaearabeaudio or kisas al quran. 100% constructive andeducational.

We have also added some : Ramadan Ringtones 2017 &IslamicNahseeds 2017 along with the stories.

Qisas al-anbiyae & sahaba or stories of prophets is acollectionof the story of the prophet Mohammed and the life of hisfirst 17companions that peace and blessings of Allah be upon himwhopropagated after his death his complete message of ” Islam; Aswellas the other prophets of god.

It is indeed a guide of humanity, education, an ideal andperfectlesson of the life of Mohammed “sws”, all the prophets andtheirstories, and the 17 sahabas of the prophet muhammad.

Any Muslim or non-Muslim person reading or listening tothesestories of prophets in islam through this best App of QisasalAnbiya -sahabah (kisas al-anbiya) will travel with the noblestmanMohamed and his companions “Sahaba Rasul Allah” and the livesofthe messengers of God.

Qisas Al anbiyae audio – Qasas ul Anbiya & sahaba and allthestories in their lives were borne by the Qur’anic Verses andtheHadiths of the prophet Mohammed.

Derived from the Koran and the Sunnah Beautiful sounds, youwilldiscover Islamic history in an objective way on hikayat esahaba& kisas al anbiya with our sheikh Nabil Al awadi and hisvoice,very high quality, from Adam Until Mohammed “SWS”.

Prophets spent their lives serving Islam religion. Kisas alanbiyaearabe is here to guide you for a better understanding oftheQuran.
✅ How it works?

List of moving stories of kisas Al anbiya mp3 and written&Sahaba stories (Hayat e Sahaba):

🌛 1- Reading the story of the Prophet Muhammad, 17 caliphs andthemessengers of God.
🌛 2- Possibility to resize text, choosing from 3 small, Normalorlarge text sizes.
🌛 3- Night Mode: You can gradually reduce the degree ofbrightnessto protect your eyes and make reading easier foreveryone.
🌛 4-Possibility to share kisas Al anbiyae Arabic 2017 &storiesof Sahabas in islam or the entire application via SMS,WhatsApp,Facebook, Gmail, or other social networks.

🌛 5- Bookmarks & Favorites: save all the stories oftheprophets, you love in your favorite list for easy access whenyouwant to especially during Ramadan 2017.

🌙 Features of Kissas Anbiaa & islamic stories of sahaba 🌙

🌛 various muslim stories & Kissas Anbiaa, advanced design,easyinterface to use makes this free app stand out from other AppsofQuran stories.

🌛 Timer to read Muslim stories (Story of the prophets &sahaba),unlimited reading of Qasas ul ambia “Islamprophets”.

✅ List of messengers “ prophet’s names”:

Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Lot, Isaac, Jacob,Joseph,Moses, Aaron, Job, Jonah, Solomon, David, Elijah,Ezekiel,Zechariah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Hud, Jethro andSalih.

✅ List of companions of the Mohammed prophet ” sahaba names”:

Abu bakr as siddiq, omar ibn khattab, ibnu abi talib, khadijabintkhuwaylid, talha ibn ubayd allah, zubayr ibn al-awwam, khalidibnwalid, ibn awf, saad ibn abu waqas, ibn al- Jarrah, MouadhibnJabal, Omou lmouminin Aicha, Salman al-Farisy, Abu HurayrahandBilal ibn Rabah.

Don’t hesitate to download stories of the prophets withoutinternet.Good Ramadan 1439.

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