Download Great Quran | القرآن العظيم 4.5 App Android 2018

Download Great Quran | القرآن العظيم 4.5 App Android 2018

Great Quran | القرآن العظيم Detail

App Name Great Quran | القرآن العظيم
Package Name com.arabiait.quran.v2
Version 4.5
Rating 4.8 ( 43,262 )
Size 19.2 MB
Requirement Android 4.0 and up
Updated 2017-08-24
Installs 500,000 - 1,000,000

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What Is Great Quran | القرآن العظيم App

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The “ Great Quran ” helps you always recitethe Quran.
In view of the fact that Muslims are highly interested in recitingthe Quran and learning its teachings, we introduce a distinguishedversion of the Quran ; namely, the “ Great Quran ” under a generoussponsorship of the Waqf of Badr Ibn Saleh Ar-Rajhi’s mother. Theapplication is designed and developed by Arabia for InformationTechnology – a leading company specialized in the industry ofIslamic software and applications.

Great Quran app features

Accredited and Authenticated Mushaf:
The Quran is accredited by King Fahd Complex for the Printing ofthe Holy Quran and the Mushaf Committee of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif. Itwas developed and proofread by a highly respected work teamspecialized in the Glorious Quran and a scholarly committeelicensed in the ten ways of Quran recitations.

High Quality Script:
High Quality Uthmani Mushaf identical to the latest version ofMushaf Al-Madinah An-Nabawiyyah.

Offline audio recitation of the Quranic Ayah or Ayat with the voiceof seven famous Quran reciters.

Facilitates memorizing the Quran and enables the reciter to repeateither one Ayah or the selected range of Ayat .

Ability to share the Quranic glimpses and Ayah or Ayat of Mushafvia social media smoothly and interactively, either in Uthmaniscript or in normal script, with/out diacritical marks.

An advanced and quick full-text search engine based on an accurateMorphological Analyzer of the Quranic Ayat. The engine enables thereciter to reach any Ayah in the whole Mushaf in a matter ofseconds.

An innovative and interactive feature that helps the reciter easilyfinish the recitation of the entire Quran (Khatmah/s), and notifieshim to recite the Khatmah daily.

Night-Reading Mode:
Allows the reciter to fully change the background of Mushaf to getthe visual comfort.

Enables the reciter to bookmark a page or Ayah , and easily referto it later. It also enables him to synchronize this bookmark viaiCloud with other devices of the user so that he may resumereciting from this bookmark at any time.

Add notes during the recitation, and refer to them later. The notesautomatically synchronize via iCloud with other devices of the userso that he may review them on these devices.

Daily Glimpses:
Quran-related glimpses and subtleties in the form of dailynotifications.

Page Services:
Navigating smoothly through the Ayat of the Great Quran, either bynavigation buttons or directly by page number. These services alsoinclude the ability to show and hide the frame of Mushaf pages,change the color of their background, display the index of theSurahs and Juz’s, and whether Surah is Meccan or Medinan.

View Settings:
Control the text view inside the library by means of zooming,changing text color, and changing font type.

Quranic Library:
Offline Quranic library including 6 books of Tafseer, reasons ofrevelation, meanings of words, syntax, glimpses of Ayat, rulings ofAyat and multi-language translation of the meanings of the NobleQuran.

Multi Language Interface:
Arabic, English and French. Other languages are to be addedsoon.

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